What We Do

Services We Offer

Sovereign Lives Victoria is a registered NDIS services provider in Melbourne, Victoria. We are authorised to provide a wide range of care and support services to the people with disabilities. Few of the services are mentioned below:

Household Tasks

Helping the participants in their daily household chores e.g.

  • Preparing meals
  • House maintenance
  • Cleaning/Sweeping
Ex Phys Pers Training

Exercise Physiology and Personal Training to help you reach your health and well being goals.

Community Nursing

Community nursing care is designed for individuals with high care needs requiring a skilled or well-trained support worker.

Participate Community

Helps you get socialise, make new friends through various recreational activities. 

Travel and Transport

With travel and transportation support, individuals are able to travel to the places where they can’t with other means of transport.


Supporting the participants to find affordable and appropriate accommodation. 

Development Life Skills

Development life skills support focuses on developing or improving the abilities that can help you live your life independently.

Assist Personal Activities

Support for daily personal activities including bathing, dressing, hygiene, etc.

Group/Centre Activities

Assisting the participant to participate in group activities.

Personal Activities High

We provide support for highly personal activities like toileting, menstrual care, etc.


This support is provided to the individuals with culturally and linguistically diverse background. If English is your second language, you are eligible for this support.

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