NDIS Medium Term Accommodation(MTA) in Melbourne

Under the NDIS scheme, we have specially designed comprehensive plans to provide accommodation to people with disabilities when they are in dire need of being looked after. A person may fall ill, or other severe circumstances may arise when around-the-clock support is required. In life, a lot of times, our loved ones cannot be around us all the time. The hardship increases in the case of people who require special care and attention.

We completely understand this scenario and thus provide facilities where you get proper care with our dedicated staff members’ help. For people who live in Melbourne, the Medium Term Accommodation plan is quite useful as they allow people a comparatively longer solution.

What Is A Medium Term Accommodation?

Now you do not have to spend your days in an unwanted environment and can stay at our care for a period of 90 days without any worries. You get to experience the best of services with expert supervision at Sovereign Lives Victoria, which is one of the most trusted facilities in Melbourne.

You can take benefit from our list of plans that are dedicated to providing care to specially-abled individuals. We take pride in providing temporary home-like spaces to disabled people with our well-structured facilities. This saves you from spending huge amounts of money on hospital bills.

Medium Term Accommodation serves as a practical solution for disabled people looking for a viable option.

Benefits of A Medium Term Accommodation

  • Provides a long-term solution for your accommodation needs
  • An affordable solution
  • Expert professionals are always there to make sure all your requirements are being met
  • Medical supervision is provided
  • A well-planned diet is provided as per individual needs
  • A perfect respite from the regularity of life
  • A safe environment when you are temporarily away from home
  • Well-equipped with latest technologies and machinery for individuals with critical needs

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